Eventually, they were – and are – the source of the quality in design and manufacturing that made Collins Radio what it has been, and what it is today. Their quality ethic shows in all that they did as they innovated and designed and produced the equipment that made Collins famous and that led to the successes that they have had.

This area will be under construction continuously as it is developed and improved, but for now, pictures are here of Gene Senti and his wife Mary (Innovator and eventual Director of HF Commercial and Amateur Radio Products), Dennis Day (Engineer and eventual and last Director of HF Commercial and Amateur Radio Products), Warren Bruene (Eminant RF designer and innovator) who was responsible for many of the significant RF amplifier designs at Collins during his tenure, Rod Blocksome (Project Lead on many of the HF Comm HF-80 family amplifiers), Chuck Anema (Servo Design Engineer and Collateral Engineering on HF Products – Cedar Rapids and Dallas) and now retired in Wimberley here. Photos are planned of other retired Collins employees that have made significant contribution to the company history. Contributions and source material are VERY welcome.

Eventually this area will also include some biographical material on many of these key contributors, so stay tuned and visit often.

Warren Bruene and his wife Mildred

Gene Senti with his wife Mary

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