Facility Finished

This is finally the first shop and shack that I have finished after 3 attempts at three different locations. Both of the other two were in Arizona and construction was spread out over 8 years each and I made the mistake of moving in and starting to play before I finished.

I did not make that mistake this time. Construction took just a bit over 2 ½ years and started in April of 2007 and finished in September/October of 2009. For the most part, enjoying  a second fondness of mine, I built the build entirely myself without help. I say For the Most Part because I had significant help from Hopson Builders erecting my customized metal shell, and then, starting to run out of gas and talent, I recruited help from my very good friend, Rick Tenny, who is a semi=retired contractor, to help me with the sheetrock, texturing and finish work. Without him, I would still be hanging sheetrock, I am convinced.

The building is around 2700 square feet of floor area on two stories with a 1600 Sq. Ft. footprint. Electrical service is 200 amps with 5 electrical boxes and separate electrical systems for house and electronics power including 115 Vac, 220 Vac and 28 Vdc.  All of the outlets and connections associated with any electronics can be taken completely off grid with one monster contactor using the DC control system in the building and a switch at the front door. The building also has built-in compressed air supplied from the rear pad and extended out to the front shop drive.

All outlets are color coded and all wiring associated with antennas, station control and control busses are in plenums and can be modified. There is a circular wire tray system in the mezzanine. All antenna control, disconnection points and DC, video and Telco distribution systems are located at one point in the mezzanine.

There are 14 separate operating positions at 10 sit-down positions with approximately 80 pieces of Collins equipment in operation.

At this time, there are 9 of the 14 operating position full up, 2 more very close, and lots to do on the rest. Permanent employment here.

And, truth be told, the bathroom is not finished.

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