Audio MRCCC Streaming Options (Under Construction)


Audio streaming is available as you enjoy your K0CXX visit. Enabling (and it starts enabled) audio streaming will default to a background comm chatter mode that is appropriate to what you are looking at. For instance, if you are reading in the “Markets” page and have selected “Avionics”, you will hear air traffic chatter as you browse. If you have selected Aerospace, you will hear authentic space communication over Collins equipment as recorded during the Mercury, Gemini, or Apollo programs.


You may disable audio streaming at any time by clicking on the “Disable Audio” button on the Audio Page. If you want to hear the audio, make sure your audio is enabled on your computer.

There are several other Audio Streaming selections. You can select the internet HF receiver site and enter the parameters from the table below. You can also use this button to go to this site and just “Tune Around” and enjoy amateur radio. Or, you can just select one of the CCA net options and set-up will be done for you. During non-net times, real-time audio will be heard on the net frequency.

Also available are several nice background streams that provide you with Smooth Jazz or Classical background music while you are on the site.

We are working to obtain several historical audio recordings related to Collins’ history as well as the operation here, so stay tuned for future Changes.





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