Support the Collins Collectors Association

The MRCCC is loosely associated with the Collins Collectors Association which is one of the largest amateur radio collecting clubs in the world. It is dedicated to preserving, not only the equipment, but the history and antidotes of the Collins Radio Company from its conception to its current day form, the Rockwell Collins Corporation.

The Collins Collectors Associations (CCA) is committed to the researching, preservation and archiving of the literature, equipment history, documentation and biographical personnel history of those that made the company what it was during its formative years.

The CCA provides not only its or (.org) website where this material can be accessed free of charge, but also provides the very popular CCA reflector (see the CCA website) – and organizes and runs a number of monthly and weekly HF nets on 10 through 75 meters where members and non-members can join together to share information and trade or sell equipment.

The CCA also publishes a very professional 16-20 page full size and full color magazine, the CCA Signal Magazine, which comes out 4 times a year. This magazine consistently provides unique service, historical and biographical articles related to the Collins Radio Company and the collecting of Collins equipment and literature. The CCA Signal Magazine follows humbly in the shadow and tradition of the Collins Radio Company Signal which was published by Collins for almost 40 years.

All of this activity and resource material provided by the CCA is funded solely by the association dues. These dues go 100 % to the maintenance of the website, the reflector, the Signal and other main CCA events like the Dayton and Dallas annual meetings and banquets.

Officers serve as volunteers and, for the most part do not even take expense monies when such personal expenses are incurred.

We ask you to consider supporting the CCA and what it stands for. The resources provided are, for the most part, provided free of charge to members and non-members alike in the interest of achieving and furthering the objectives stated above. Joining the CCA does, however, provide the member with a subscription the CCA Signal. Use the link to the CCA under our MRCCC resource page here, and then click on “Membership” on the CCA Home page.


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