Entertainment Room

Enter the front door of the MRCCC K0CXX building and you will be in the Entertainment Room. This room has a nice wet bar for our pleasure, a comfortable sitting and eating area, TV and two planned operating and display positions. One of these is just in the planning and parts gathering stage and will be a post WWII P2V-5 Neptune Radio Room, pretty complete (Even has the relief tube and associated heater so that it does not ice up – NOT WORKING) and has an ART-13/ATC and two ARR-15 receivers and will be operational on the HF bands. There is a full compliment of the correct support electronics which is non-Collins.

In the back corner is a sit-down desk position for the 30K-5 and R-390 position (OP 11) and this is currently operational and on 40 and 10 meters.

The room also has a refrigerator and some historical information displayed about Arthur Collins and Warren Bruene, as well as some company history. This is where it all started and this is where your tour starts.

A period and facility correct wood trimmed window opens into the AM studio to give a nice ambiance to the room. It’s a nice place to sit and listen to K0CXX AM on the air at night on 75 meters.

We hope that you enjoy your tour.

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