Test Room

Just to be true to the cause, there is actually some Collins constructed test equipment in the room, although pretty specialized and rarely used. The room has 3 different test benches as you can see, allowing me to have more than one project going at a time. There is the main vintage test bench that pretty much fills the bill and lets me exorcise some of my old RF skills – what I can remember – and then there is the secondary RF test bench under the blackboard which has an eclectic mix of some very old to very current digital test gear. Both benches are laid out for easy use and I am enjoying them big time.

On the south wall is the mechanical work bench which can roll out for more access and there is a 4 channel 32RS-1 SSB transceiver on that bench that lets me get in on the nets when I am working in that room.

On the far wall is the “parts and spares” area along with some other toys.

The far door leads to the bathroom and to the outer shop and garage.

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